This site is a new initiative of Platform Moris Lanvironnman (PML).

Thanks for joining us!

As a republic made up of small, scattered, vulnerable islands and gigantic expanses of ocean, Mauritius faces several urgent and daunting challenges. But together, its people can rise up to them. Climate change is one of the most pressing and pervasive challenges of all.

The Mauritius Coastal Zone: A Survival Kit Website proposes to present the multiple problems associated with climate change and the possible ways forward towards resilience.

The Kit includes articles by the Platform and by individual members, articles and other material from outside sources, and information deemed to be of interest to the subject, including examples of good practices.

We present links to videos and other multimedia formats.

This site is meant as a space for respectful interaction and meaningful exchanges, for airing opinions and views, which are as far as possible evidence-based. We strongly encourage citing of references where applicable, including in comments posted.

Views expressed in articles by individual authors are not necessarily endorsed by Platform Moris Lanvironnman.

Please note that this is a moderated site.

Platform Moris Lanvironnman (PML) is an informal network of NGOs and citizens actively involved in promoting sustainability in Mauritius. Collectively and individually, we engage in sensitization, education, information exchange and capacity development. We participate in the restoration of ecosystems; in the analysis and formulation of policy and budget proposals. We contribute to public debates on local sustainability issues and environmental policy processes. 

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