PML’s newsletter

The 3rd issue of Les News de PML, our newsletter, is out. We are back after a 22-month lapse, which does not mean however that we have been idle, as this website shows.
The latest newsletter mainly contains PML’s 2019-2020 budget proposals. It also carries information about the STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN FOR A NEW SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AND RESOURCE RECOVERY SYSTEM FOR MAURITIUS and a historical note on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in the legislation in Mauritius.

As outlined in the invitation for submissions and proposals in the context of Pre-Budget consultations, the aims of the forthcoming Budget include promoting a more inclusive and equitable society and further addressing the problem of poverty, investing in education, training and other skills needed for the youth, and building greater resilience to the impact of climate change.  Platform Moris Lanvironnman (PML) made submissions and proposals according to these aims under eight headings.

  1. Review of the National Development Strategy (NDS)
  2. Review the policy of allocating leases for coastal development
  3. Reinstating Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in the
    Environment Protection  Act (EPA)
  4. Sustainable Solid Waste Management
  5. Support to an integrated unit of education for sustainable
  6. National Environment Fund
  7. Reverse the trend in loss of land under sugar cane cultivation
  8. Special tax on conversion of agricultural land to property

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